Washing Your Hair-Tricks you should know

Washing your hair seems like a simple enough task, and one that many of us take for granted. Why then is there debate about the rules when it comes to this simple task?

If you are in the habit of washing and blow drying your hair daily, as part of your beauty routine, please read on.

Abandoning daily shampooing has been debated by experts and the results are outlined below. Find out the truth and the myths of washing your hair every day.
Washing your hair

Will Washing Your Hair Less Often Make the Hair Healthier

Yes. The simple logic behind it is that the fewer times  you touch and manipulate your hair, the lesser the chance of breakage. In the same way that your hands get dry when you regularly or obsessively wash them. The more shampoo that is applied to the hair, the higher the amount of oil is removed, and unavailable  to protect the hair shafts and keep a moisturized and healthy scalp. It is ideal to know how often you need to shampoo your hair.

Another advantage is that hair color lasts longer when you shampoo your hair less often. The minerals in shower water potentially dull blonde hair and cause brunettes to lose their richness, according to hair stylist Kerrie Urban.

What to Do With Your Shampoo?

Regarding the use of your shampoo, the first thing to consider is your hair type  If you have curly hair, you will want to go longer between washes. When your hair is straight, it means that its oil works its way down to the scalp more quickly. If you have very straight hair, you should not go for more than 2 days without washing it.

Use Shampoo Carefully.

When shampooing, avoid rubbing the ends of your hair. Focus closer to the scalp where the oil is concentrated. When you apply conditioner the process is reversed. Avoid applying your conditioner to the roots as it will make the scalp more oily.

Rinse Your Hair

It might not cross your mind to leave your hair unwashed after a workout. But you could consider washing your hair without Shampoo. The water-only rinse removes sweat and salt without stripping the natural oils from the hair.

Use Dry Shampoo

Before applying the dry shampoo, shake its container thoroughly to distribute the powder evenly. Hold it about 6 inches from the head. Then, lift your hair,section by section, and apply the powder to the roots. After a few minutes, massage your scalp with your fingers. Styling creams can also help you to reduce the frequency of washing your hair.

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