Top 5 Cardio Exercises for Women

Cardio exercises for women are a great way to amp your heart rate, increase circulation and also burn the extra calories.

We have discussed the beauty benefits of increased blood flow, and depending on the kind of cardio workouts that you pick, they can also be quite effective in shaping and toning your muscles.
Cardio Exercises for Women

 There are plenty of cardio workout options that you can choose as a woman ranging from the aerobic exercises to the more intensive strengthening cardio exercises. You can use any of these singularly or in combination depending on the amount of exercise you like. At the end of the day, you need to pick up a workout routine that will work for you. Don’t push yourself beyond the limit; you need something that you are comfortable doing, so that you will actually do it.

Our Top 5 Cardio Exercises for Women

Cycling is one of the most effective and enjoyable cardio workouts. All you need is a bike and a few minutes of your time to derive the superior health benefits from biking. It can also be quite invigorating, especially if you are normally an “indoor person”. You will also be able to enjoy it over the long term. Cycling doesn’t really feel like working out, it can have a social aspect and it does not damage your joints.

Elliptical Trainers
Elliptical trainers also offer fantastic cardio workouts inside. They put pressure on numerous parts of the body which is hugely beneficial. The downside is that a good elliptical trainer is expensive unless you have access one in a gym. Many say that elliptical trainers are even better than home  treadmills when it comes to cardio workouts. They involve a lot more resistance and still allow you to do workouts at an incline. This will offer greater toning for your leg muscles as well as your arms. They are highly versatile and even allow you to work out backwards. When using elliptical trainers, remember the resistance level, not just motion, gets optimal cardio results. Also, do varied intervals to avoid getting bored before reaching your work out goals.

Stationary Bike

A stationary bike also offers an incredible cardio workout. In the gym, the stationary bike is often overlooked, but it can be an effective fat-buster while also offering excellent leg muscle toning. To get the best results out of the stationary bike, ensure it has sufficient resistance. To challenge your heart, you can also mix up your pace, and use interval training to avoid boredom. Make sure that the seat is at the right height, neither too high nor too low, vary the pace and occasionally, stand or take a break.


We don’t always get an opportunity to run or jog outdoors and having a reliable treadmill at home is a great option. There are various kinds of cardio exercises that you can do on a treadmill. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate user or an experienced user. If you are a beginner, you can start with walking or running on the treadmill. Build up to a session of about 40 minutes. This will not only increase your heart rate but will build stamina. When this workout feels “easy”, experiment with the speeds, or set a course with inclines. Many treadmills come with built in programs that vary the “terrain”, alternate between walking, jogging, and running.

Rowing machine workouts
your rowing machine workouts burn more calories than other cardio workout routines. You will find they tone up muscles from the shoulders and arms all the way to the muscles on the your calves. For the best result, do a fluid motion. Follow routines by workout experts to get the best results  Do it at intervals of a few minutes and use the intervals to stand or stretch before resuming.

These five cardio exercises for women are ideal for boosting circulation and burning calories. All can be done at home, in a gym, or in the case of cycling, in the outdoors with a friend.

All will give you the beauty benefits that come from increased oxygen flow to your cells.

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