Popular Hair Removal options for Men and Women

Laser hair removal within part of bikini.People of today are very conscious about their appearance, and that includes grooming. As we all know, first impressions take only seconds to form, and the people we meet are instantly assessing everything about us.

With this in mind, no matter how busy our lives, we cannot afford to overlook our daily management routines for grooming, hygiene,dressing etc.

One area of concern to both men and women is controlling the location and amount of hair on the body. Having excessive hair on the body has long been a serious concern for women and is becoming more so for men.

Women who have been struggling with this issue experience low self esteem, lower self confidence and tend to withdraw socially.

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Alternatively, there are two common ways to remove hair, but they do not guarantee that the hair will not return within a few days or weeks.

Depilation and epilating of hairs, are two quite different removal methods. Depilation is basically the process of shaving the hair above the skin, with the aid of creams or gels to make the process as gentle as possible. Epilating is the process of removing the hairs and the roots by plucking.

This battle with body hair is not new. Although different civilizations through time have viewed facial and body hair differently, even very early civilizations are known to have looked at a body without any body hair as the epitome of beauty, so the recent trend towards total removal of hair is not new.

The hygienic removal of hair has been enhanced with the development of appliances specifically for the purpose. Options being promoted today include laser hair removal via  IPL  advanced electric shavers, battery and electrically powered epilators, body hair trimmers and for men by getting the best beard trimmer to shape, and style hairs.

The result is that today there are a wide range of hair removal tools widely available on the commercial markets. We each need to decide which method and product best suits our needs and use it regularly. Understanding the options is important to in hair removal to avoid unwanted side effects, or temporary set backs in your physical appearance. Each removal solution has specific features that make the ideal in certain circumstances, and their development over all is a godsend for both mane and women, especially when you compare their use to the methods that early civilizations used.


Woman using an EpilatorWhen choosing your hair removal option will in part come down to the time your are willing to spend, and how often you want to face the task. Shaving is almost a daily commitment, Epilators can produce a hair free result that lasts for weeks, and some laser treatments can be permanent. Choosing wisely will avoid the waste of time and money.

Of the multitude of appliances available, only a few have emerged as the most popular in the eyes of consumers due to their effectiveness.Following are the most popular hair removal options :

IPL and laser hair removal machines

Intense Pulse Light and laser hair removal, is done by exposing the hair to radiation being produced by the machine. The hair follicle is being weakened making it easier to remove the hair from the body. This method is preferred by many celebrities who want longer lasting results and are drawn to something new. Medical practitioners have been using this method for many years as well. IPL and lasers, whilst different are the first choice of people who want  to be free from the rapid return body hair. The spectrum lights that are produced by the IPL machine travel on top of the skin and slowly work until they have reached the shafts or roots of the hair. Lasers, make use of the guided laser light to target the hair follicles for easy, pain free removal. The result is a more flawless skin.

Electric shavers

Electric shavers are a development up from the manual shaver which has been used by millions to shave the hairs on their face, armpits,legs etc  This option is primarily intended to remove the hairs which are above the skin surface. Electric shavers are ideal because they do not require any shaving cream or chemicals to make the task of hair removal possible. The rotating blades work without direct contact to the skin, so unlike the manual razor need little lubrication. The shaver can be used while directly be plugged into an electrical outlet or can operate from a rechargeable battery. This is a very popular option for those who travel frequently.adget is best for those who use to travel almost every week or every day.


These hair removal tools also come in corded, rechargeable and battery powered designs. The process is mechanical and the the hair is being removed from the roots via a number of carefully designed tweezers. This works by removing short hairs (usually shaved before Epilation), The intention (like waxing) is to increase the time needed between repeat applications. Like waxing the process is painful initially but reduces with regular use.

Body Hair and Beard Trimmers

This option best suits individuals who do not want to endure pain when removing undesirable hair on their body or styling facial hairs. No irritation, no pain, and no razor bumps should be noticed if these tools are used. Some men use body hair trimmers to cut body hairs to an acceptable length and uses beard trimmers for styling and grooming of their beards.

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