Pony Tail Vacuum Cleaners and Television Stars

Far be it from us to say, but we have had some guys suggest that Hairdressers can get a bit “Precious”. About their skills, their training, and well, their overall importance in the big scheme of things. After all how hard can a Pony Tail be?.

Some of these guys also think it’s true of mothers too. They tell us their ex-wives have a similar opinion about the role they play. Especially in taking care of their daughters’ hair, and sending her off to school or ballet looking just right.

Well a few guys I know decided to see just how hard it really is. But with hands that are all thumb’s, and a better feel for motors than manners, a new approach was clearly needed if the global myth about mothers was  to be busted. Now for the record, if you want to try a Pony Tail this way, for Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners -VACUUMSEEK  but you might want to keep a brush handy too.
Pony Tail

Enter Bill’s approach to the Pony Tail

Bill is a down to Earth, no frills guy. He has no time to spend in doors if he can help it. Bill is also a single Dad, with two young kids visiting on weekends. Faced with the morning Pony Tail routine with his daughter’s hair Bill had a Brain wave”

It didn’t take long before Bill was bragging about his new found skill to his friend Jason. As with all things, where the Pony Tail is concerned, Jason was even more efficient than Bill. He even posted his Pony Tail skills on You Tube.

Pretty soon kids (and fathers) everywhere were catching on, and becoming precious themselves about their Pony Tail talent. And about their skills using the latest hair styling machine found in the laundry closet.

Finally, half a world away, an Aussie Handyman by the name of Rob Palmer got into the act.
Rob Palmer Pony Tail

Now Rob is no ordinary father

He does have an 8 year old Daughter to practice the Pony Tail on, but Rob Palmer is also a Television personality down under.

Rob has spent 13 years as a regular on Australia’s “Better Homes and Gardens”. Fortunately for us hairdressers, he sometimes makes an appearance on Australia’s version of the morning show “Today” as well.

So let’s see how Rob Palmer gave hairdressers their careers back.

Luckily, if your skill with a Vacuum Cleaner is no better than Rob’s,  you can still visit Mary at Irvaclinic. Have your daugther’s hair restored to its former glory, before your wife finds out what you did to her!

For the record, there were no Children hurt in the making of these videos.

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