Can Exercise really Improve your Skin

improve your skin with exercise Physical exercise does wonders for almost every cell in the body. It is good for your muscles, your heart rate as well as your overall health and well being. Regular physical exercises will also keep you in shape and help keep your body well toned. One often overlooked benefit of taking regular physical exercise is that it can also improve your skin.

The skin is very important to our overall self image, and the way others think of us .

When someone looks at us, the first thing they notice is the skin.

If yours is smooth and glowing, it helps boost first impressions, and your confidence grows. In part, that explains why we spend billions of dollars every year on skin care products.

However, if you exercise regularly, you might just be able to reduce what you spend on Skin treatments. It doesn’t really matter what form the exercise takes either. When you and a friend do a Gym workout, a brisk walk, a yoga session, go swimming or cycling you skin wins.

How will exercising improve your skin?

  • Regular exercise forces the heart to pump more blood. This increases blood circulation through the body, to meet the increased need for oxygen in the muscles. This increased flow, also brings much more oxygen to your skin cells, effectively flushing them out.  Your are left with the new glow of healthy skin.
  • This increased blood flow brings with it antioxidants. As you may have heard, the antioxidants attack “free Radicals in the cells, which otherwise damage skin cells. So regular exercise cleans out skin cells, leaving them looking fresher, and reduces the damage to cells. So get Free anti ageing treatment as you improve your skin.
  • Sweating is good for you

    • Another benefit comes from sweating as you exercise.  When you sweat, the pores on your skin surface will dilate. The perspiration expels the oil and dirt that was  trapped in the outer skin surface. So, when you take a quick shower and and towel off after your workout, the combined effect can be similar to that of a mini-facial. You effectively release and wash away the dirt and oil from the pores of your skin. But, not just on your face, rather over your whole body.
    • Physical exercise generally leads to the dilation of the blood vessels on the skin surface. This allows the increased blood flow mentioned earlier, into skin cells. Along with higher oxygen levels, the skin surface is also supplied with much required nutrients. While antioxidants reduce skin damage, the nutrients repair the skin and give it a smoother, more radiant appearance.
    • These extra flows also lead  to increased collagen production. Collagen reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the skin surface. As you grow older, the fibroblasts that produce your collagen ordinarily grow weaker. As more blood and nutrients flow to the skin surface during exercise, this is reversed. That is why people who exercise a lot generally look younger than those that who don’t exercise at all.

    So while exercise does not leaving you feeling pampered like a great facial or massage does, it brings a lot of similar benefits, and unlike a facial many of those benefits will be noticeable over your whole body.

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