Finding Great Shampoo, what to look for

Finding great shampooHaving beautiful hair begins with the simplest of things, good nutrition, regular exercise and using the right shampoo. But, what makes a great shampoo ?

Instead of spending a lot of money buying hair gels, pomades, and conditioners to dress up your hair, doesn’t it make sense to start with a great shampoo and address your hair problem at the root?

Shampoos can help with all types of hair be they thick, gray, colored or thinning. They not only cleanse the hair but also ensure that it is manageable, shiny and silky. They also help in cleaning the scalp,without necessarily stripping away the natural oils from your hair. However, all of this is only possible if you choose the right kind of shampoo.

So what are your options?

There is no getting away from the fact that choosing the right shampoo for your hair is a matter of personal preference.

You need to research and identify the kind of products that will be most suited for your individual needs. Check out the labels, consumer reviews and ask around for recommendations on the best products.

As there are various types of shampoo on the market. Choosing one will depend on your specific requirements. There are a host of factors that you need to keep in mind when making that choice. Start by asking yourself what you want your shampoos to do for you. This could include the following:-

  • No frills shampoos: If you don’t want too much in your grooming routine, then you can choose a mild no-frills shampoo. Just a quick lather and rinse of your hair and your done.
  • Thickening shampoos: If your hair is fine, then you need a thickening shampoo that add volume and thicken the strands giving a fuller head of hair.
  • Exfoliating shampoo: the exfoliating shampoo products will help in deep cleaning your scalp,opening pores, removing chemical build up, and helping with dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Softening shampoo: Use these if you want longer strands of smooth hair. These will reduce the cost and reliance on hair conditioners while creating softer hair..
  • Calming shampoos: These are suited for people who have sensitive skin and do not contain any harsh ingredients.
  • De-frizzing shampoos: The de-frizzing shampoos will be ideal for you if your hair is curly, dry or frizzy.
  • Strengthening shampoo: If your hair is getting weaker or more brittle, due to aging or a medical condition? This shampoo is designed to strengthen your hair follicles and ensure you have hair strands that are stronger and thicker.

What makes a great shampoo ?

As we have seen, you can choose from a vast selection of shampoo types.  Depending on your type of hair and your objectives you can focus in on the one type needed.

Whatever your needs, a good hair shampoo should do more than clean your hair. It should be able to promote a healthy scalp, and replace the natural oils produced by the hair follicles, to promote healthy hair growth.

If you are shopping around  for a shampoo, you first have to identify the type of hair you have, then consider characteristics you want.

Try to find a more natural shampoo, one with fewer chemicals, that can provide the boost you are looking for without drying or irritation.

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