Epilator or Electric Shaver Pros and Cons

Epilator or Electric ShaverWomen the world over want smoother, silky skin. Daily hair removal is part of the quest, and often comes down to a choice between an Epilator or Electric Shaver.

Of course there are other choices. Most involve some level of discomfort, some, like hot waxing are probably best done in a clinic. There are also creams, laser treatments or the use of electrolysis. But for the daily routine at home, it usually comes down to this:

Manual razor, an Epilator or Electric Shaver.

Each of these three options has its drawbacks.

A manual razor means lathering up the area, and has a risk of cuts or scratches. An Electric Shaver tends to leave a residual stubble,which however fine detracts from the silky finish. Unlike the other two options, an Epilator does not shave the hairs. It will not leave nicks or stubble, but because it pulls the hair out from the roots, is painful initially.

Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are quite popular because they are easier to use than a razor, and not as painful as an epilator. The drawback is that they do not remove the hair. They merely shave it at, or slightly below the surface (if the Shaver has a lift and cut design). The more expensive electric shavers come with their own automatic charging and cleaning stations. They have the benefit of being hygienic, pain free and also fairly easy to use.

Many of the electric shavers have a interchangeable heads which can be swapped easily if you want to change your shaving mode. Some models are designed to be fully immerse in water. These will be rechargeable units, able to operate from an internal battery, and not needing connection to a power socket when in use. This allows you to shave in the shower with lubricants if you prefer.

These, however, still have a power adapter so that you can use them directly from the mains electric supplies without waiting for them to get fully charged.

Like any other shaver, however, an electric shaver leaves the root which is a disadvantage. This means your hair grows back pretty fast, and you will be faced with  regular shaving every few days at best. Depending on how fast your hair grows this detracts from the silky smooth skin you are after.  You also have to regularly buy shaving creams, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Electric Epilators

If you don’t want the constant bother of regular shaving, and can tolerate some initial discomfort the electric epilators are the way to go.

These are generally highly effective in getting rid of the hair. Epilators use multiple sets of tweezers to grip and remove each hair from the root. As you would expect this is quite painful initially, but repeated use me ans fewer and fewer hairs to remove, so the discomfort is short lived.

Be warned

You cannot just grab a new Epilator, and apply it to your arm , leg or bikini line. Using an Epilator on long hair is extremely painful. Before you use an Epilator for the first time we recommend you read these 7 secrets to using an Elipator.

Once you understand the process, Epilators score very highly on the ease of use department. You will not need any special skills to use them well. You  will have smooth, hair free skin for longer.

After using an Epilator, it can take up to 4 weeks before you need to repeat the process. The hair will not only take longer to grow back, it will also grow back thinner each time, so removal gets faster and less painful each time.

There are numerous kinds of Epilators and some come with extra accessories. For example, some have extra head attachments which can be used for bikini trimming and even shaving. Choose models with extra versatility such as those that will work with lather and water as well as while dry. Like electric shavers, electric Epilators can also be rechargeable and can be used with power adapter, corded or cordless.

So choosing between an Epilator or Electric shaver probably comes down to this. Do you want pain free hair removal that you do every day, or would you be willing to face some initial pain, to have smoother skin for longer?

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