Cardio Workouts Without a Treadmill

We have previously written about the importance of Cardio exercise as part of your beauty regime. We have also looked at the 5 most popular Cardio workouts for women. As each of those were based on exercise equipment (Treadmill, Ellipticals, Rowing Machines etc), we thought we would take a look at Cardio Workouts without a treadmill (or other Gym equipment).

Just to recap, as the name suggests, cardio or cardiovascular exercises are geared at increasing your heart rate. Among other benefits, this  increases  the flow of blood and oxygen into the various body organs, including your skin and scalp. This alone improves your skin tone and the quality of your hair.
Cardio Workouts without a treadmill
There are various kinds of cardio workouts that you can do. Some of these are generally quite mild while others are more intense. The aim of a cardio workout is to get your body moving, so activities like cycling, swimming, running, skipping and rowing among others are popular.

Why are cardio workouts so important?

There are numerous reasons why should do at least one form of cardio workout. Most of us live very sedentary lives, that involve lots of sitting and physical inactivity.

A sedentary lifestyle will have adverse health impacts, such as slowing your metabolism and reducing your body’s ability to break down the fats and sugars. This in turn leads to a wealth weight-related conditions that generally shorten our lifespans.

Blood circulation can be impeded as a result of congested arteries due to a sedentary lifestyle.

This has implications for the regulation of blood pressure in the body. It also leads to potentially fatal consequences such as heart attack, irregular heart rhythm, and stroke.

Along with improving the way you look, Cardio exercises will help you prevent these conditions.

Here are some easy cardio workouts that you can do easily without a treadmill:-


6 Cardio Workouts Without a Treadmill


Plyometrics are based on “explosive” movements such as burpees, jump squats and box jumps. With plyometrics, you are aiming to activate as many muscle fibers as possible within the shortest duration of time. The aim of these exercise routines is “tricking” your nervous system into performing movements that have maximum force within a short time. These can be done on grass or rubber flooring.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

There are various drills that you can perform during high intensity interval training exercises. These include exercise routines such as lunges and sprints. You can also do these with speed skates. The rest intervals during the HIIT are generally very short. The aim of the HIITs is to keep your body engine revving long after the exercise so that you can burn more calories. This is generally more effective than a workout routine that is slow and steady.

Circuit Training

Circuit training involves mixing aerobic exercises with the more strengthening exercises and like the HIITs, there is minimal duration of rest between the exercises. To be effective in circuit training, you need to intuitively understand your rest as well as your recovery periods. Generally, a 15 second rest is ideal, which you can utilize to catch your breath and also sip some water. You can arrange your own circuit at home, or join a group

Jumping Rope

You probably have not used a jumping rope since childhood but did you know it is one of the best cardio workouts? Jumping rope provides a very effective exercise routine.It will increase your heart rate fast pumping more blood into the vital organs. Not only does it boost your heart rate, it will also help your coordination, tone your leg muscles, improve your balance and help in strengthening your joints and legs. All you need is a simple workout rope.


Another way to get Cardio workouts without a treadmill is free Running. Not jogging but running at sustained speeds. A lot of us jog, but rarely do we run as fast as we did a few years back. It will take a little while to progress from jogging to running, but when it happens it happen naturally and it feels great. Running is one of the best cardio exercises because of its intensity. It requires exertion by the entire body and dramatically boosts your heart rate.


Hiking is one of the lifestyle activities you can choose which has health and social benefits. It’s a popular option because it doesn’t really feel like an exercise routine. Engage in hiking as a pleasurable pastime, and in the “background”, it showers you with many health benefits. Because it is an endurance activity, you are also going to burn a lot of fat during your hiking.

So those are a few ways to get your Cardio Workouts Without a Treadmill. You don’t have to hit the gym or buy large,costly machines to look great. healthy. Just getting out and doing these free and fun activities will have a tremendous benefit for your heart, blood flow, skin, hair and your overall appearance.

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