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Hello and welcome to my Blog

Beauty Therapist




My name is Sarah, and in the real world I work as a beauty therapist, so it will come as no surprise that I pay a lot attention to appearance.

I work mostly with women, but fortunately the number of male clients is steadily rising as well.

When I meet someone for the first time there are basically three things that immediately make an impact on me, and I assume the same is true for millions of other people.

First I notice the quality of your skin, second is your overall grooming and third the health, cleanliness and styling of your hair.

That all adds up to the first impression I have of you, and this blog is all about things that improve that First Impression





Hair and Scalp Specialist

Mary Williams


Hello I’m Mary.

My role here at Irvaclinic is to stay abreast of developments in Hair and Scalp care, as well as advising clients about great styling options for them, and then bring that style to life.