7 Tips For The Best Head To Toe Makeover

Okay. So you have an important social engagement and you’re running a little late. There’s time to get ready and luckily you pre-picked what you would be wearing tonight, so now for a quick head to toe makeover before dressing up.

You can still do it, but you will need to reduce the amount of time you spend on some of the steps. First off, turn off your cell phone. This is not the time to get interrupted and pulled into a lengthy conversation with that chatty friend… You need to get ready for tonight and it has to be done now!

Do it yourself- Head to Toe makeover

Head to Toe makeover

Fortunately for you when you are a woman on the go, there are a number of beauty devices to make life easy.
Every woman needs to keep these at hand because you never know when you’ll need their services.

Often salons aren’t open when you want (need) them, it’s the weekend or your fave salon has closed down., and the head to Toe makeover is in your hands.

Some of the tools of the trade you definitely need are:

  • A great Hairdryer with a Diffuser
  • An Epilator to tweeze away stray hairs
  • Professional strength Electric Callus Remover for smoothing rough heels
  • Tweezers, hair spray, body moisturizer, rough mitt for exfoliation, nail polish etc

Now let’s get started, shall we!

1 – Shower And Buff

Hot shower, or cool shower? It doesn’t matter as long as you hop in, lather up and rinse. The key to making a short shower effective is to use an oil-free moisturizer while your skin is still damp. That’s before you give yourself a good toweling off. Rub the moisturizer everywhere you can and not only will it keep your skin looking its best, it will reduce those annoying shiny spots. Once you’ve applied the moisturizer just gently pat your skin dry.

2 – Brow Repairs

While drying your hair you discover that you did a bit of an over pluck on your eyebrows. A quick glance at a clock tells you that you can fix this quickly by using the old standby of a brow pencil. The way to make this look natural and not as if your face became a cartoon drawing is to apply the color in gentle upward strokes. Take a step back from the mirror to make sure it looks close to real and you are good to go.

3 – Hair Everywhere

The brow repair ate up valuable hair drying time. Instead of trying to sneak in some time with a blow dryer try this quick fix trick: give your hair a vigorous towel dry for a few moments to remove excess water.

Locate two bobby pins and pull a two or three-inch section of the hair in front to the top of your head and pin in place. The pins should be in an X to stay secure.

A quick shot of hairspray with finish the look. This takes the hair out of your face, gives you a glamorous look and saves a ton of time when you have little to spare. Let the rest of your hair air dry following a fast brushing.

4 – Shine That Smile

It’s far too late for a teeth-whitening treatment as you don’t have much time. But since you brush regularly and did so before jumping in the shower you can turn that smile into a dazzling display by using color as your friend.

Use lipstick with a true red tone or one that features subtle undertones of brown. That will make your pearly whites appear even brighter. If your skin is fair you’ll need a red stain topped with a sheer gloss for the same effect. For darker skin tones use a deep burgundy lipstick.

5 – Nail It Just Once

There is no time for a trip to the nail salon but you can still create the look with little effort. Instead of polishing them, use short back-and-forth strokes gently skimming over nail beds which will produce the visual you are after. Be sure to use a nail file or buffer first to smooth nails and remove natural ridges.

6 – Rogue Hairs!!

Uh-oh! There are a few hairs where you don’t want them. It’s the last thing you need right now but easy to fix. Grab the epilator and within seconds you will have those bad boys stripped away from your chin, lip, cheek or neck. If you are less adventurous, there are other tools at your disposal including tweezers or wax strips. Any of them will do the job.

7 – Feet Fixer

Lucky for you that you still have a few minutes before you have to be at your social event. But before you pull on your heels you need to give your feet a quick makeover. Since your skin should still be somewhat moist from the shower and moisturizer, you can skip the soak-you-feet-in-water step.

Before you start scrubbing, seat yourself in a comfortable chair and cross your legs where one foot is sitting across the thigh of the other leg. This gives you easy access and visibility for callus removal.

Gently draw the best electric callus remover roller across the callused surface of your heels. If you need to do this more than once, repeat the process. After the calluses have been removed, rinse your feet with warm water, pat dry and apply a lotion.

Sarah’s Final Suggestions On Tips For The Best Head To Toe Makeover

If you are organized enough you can complete this head to toe makeover, including shower time, in under 30-minutes. This means that if you find yourself tight on time, you can still get all dolled up in a hurry and still look fabulous. What will make this kind of quick makeover most effective is to have all the items you need in your bathroom or dressing room so that you can save time looking for whatever it is you need to complete the next step. By the time you get to this point, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your evening basking in the compliments from those commenting on your stunning appearance. It really can be that easy!

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