7 Day Detox Plan

The skin is the biggest organ of the body, and looks much healthier after a 7 day detox

Living a busy life, in a world full of chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants takes its toll on many of the organs of the body. Having just one organ performing below it’s best is noticeable, but the combined effect on your body of many under performing organs is more debilitating than you might think.Of course the effects of all these pollutants builds up slowly overtime, and we tend to think the way we are feeling is normal, but its not.

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits you will notice after a detox.
7 day Detox

Overall Benefits

You will notice a number of overall changes, you will notice a general feeling of well being, there will be short term and longer term benefits from having reduced the free radical damage in your body, and you will experience a new sense of “lightness” which comes from exchanging the heavy, often fatty foods you were eating, with fresh healthy alternatives.

The quality and appearance of your hair improves. As you probably know, by the time you see your hair, it is actually dead. The strength and appearance of the hair you see comes from the processes below your scalp. Naturally a toxin free body produces better growth.

A period of Detoxing removes sugars and fats from the diet. These sugars interfere with your brain function, so it is not a surprise that after detox most people claim to have greater clarity, or to think more clearly.

The period of the detox requires that you change existing bad habits around what you eat and drink. The longer the detox, the more likely that you will start to break the addictions to sugar, caffeine, saturated fats etc, and new eating habits have a chance to get established.

Your breathe is directly affected by your digestive system. As your detox cleans that system up, you will likely notice that your breathe gets worse while on the detox, but when you finish it will be significantly better than before the detox started.

As your various organs are cleaned up, they begin to better absorb the healthy nutrients in your food. Those improvements allow the body to build its natural immune system leading to better overall resilience and health.

Improved eating habits, and better functioning organs lead to a better metabolism, which in turn helps to use food more effectively reducing weight gain

The Detox will help remove unwelcome impurities from the body, and you will experience greater energy and vitality.

Which brings us back to your skin.

As the largest organ you have, it’s only natural that your skin will show the benefits of your detox diet. You can expect a clearer, smoother complexion after the detox, but don’t be surprised if you have breakouts during the process as you body gets rid of those toxins.

The Rawfood Institute of Australia has an excellent 7 day detox diet which you can follow. It takes the guess work out of the process for you.

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