Head to Toe makeover

7 Tips For The Best Head To Toe Makeover

Okay. So you have an important social engagement and you’re running a little late. There’s time to get ready and luckily you pre-picked what you would be wearing tonight, so now for a quick head to toe makeover before dressing up. You can still do it, but you will need to reduce the amount of time you spend on some of the steps. First off, turn off your cell phone. This is not the time to get interrupted and pulled into a lengthy conversation with that chatty friend… You need to get ready for tonight and it has to be done now! Do it yourself- Head to Toe makeover Fortunately for you when you are a woman on the go, there are a number of beauty devices to make life easy.
Pony Tail

Pony Tail Vacuum Cleaners and Television Stars

Far be it from us to say, but we have had some guys suggest that Hairdressers can get a bit “Precious”. About their skills, their training, and well, their overall importance in the big scheme of things. After all how hard can a Pony Tail be?. Some of these guys also think it’s true of mothers too. They tell us their ex-wives have a similar opinion about the role they play. Especially in taking care of their daughters’ hair, and sending her off to school or ballet looking just right. Well a few guys I know decided to see just how hard it really is. But with hands that are all thumb’s, and a better feel for motors than manners, a new approach was clearly needed if the global myth about mothers was  to be busted. Now for the record, if you want to try a Pony Tail this way,...
improve your skin with exercise

Can Exercise really Improve your Skin

Physical exercise does wonders for almost every cell in the body. It is good for your muscles, your heart rate as well as your overall health and well being. Regular physical exercises will also keep you in shape and help keep your body well toned. One often overlooked benefit of taking regular physical exercise is that it can also improve your skin. The skin is very important to our overall self image, and the way others think of us . When someone looks at us, the first thing they notice is the skin. If yours is smooth and glowing, it helps boost first impressions, and your confidence grows. In part, that explains why we spend billions of dollars every year on skin care products. However, if you exercise regularly, you might just be able to reduce what you spend on Skin treatments. It doesn’t really matter what form the exercise...
Laser hair removal within part of bikini.

Popular Hair Removal options for Men and Women

People of today are very conscious about their appearance, and that includes grooming. As we all know, first impressions take only seconds to form, and the people we meet are instantly assessing everything about us. With this in mind, no matter how busy our lives, we cannot afford to overlook our daily management routines for grooming, hygiene,dressing etc. One area of concern to both men and women is controlling the location and amount of hair on the body. Having excessive hair on the body has long been a serious concern for women and is becoming more so for men. Women who have been struggling with this issue experience low self esteem, lower self confidence and tend to withdraw socially. For women wanting pain and irritation free hair removal we recommend you try the FREE TRIAL of Dermology Hair Removal Cream. Alternatively, there are two common ways to remove hair, but...
7 day Detox

7 Day Detox Plan

The skin is the biggest organ of the body, and looks much healthier after a 7 day detox Living a busy life, in a world full of chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants takes its toll on many of the organs of the body. Having just one organ performing below it’s best is noticeable, but the combined effect on your body of many under performing organs is more debilitating than you might think.Of course the effects of all these pollutants builds up slowly overtime, and we tend to think the way we are feeling is normal, but its not. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits you will notice after a detox. Overall Benefits
Washing your hair

Washing Your Hair-Tricks you should know

Washing your hair seems like a simple enough task, and one that many of us take for granted. Why then is there debate about the rules when it comes to this simple task? If you are in the habit of washing and blow drying your hair daily, as part of your beauty routine, please read on. Abandoning daily shampooing has been debated by experts and the results are outlined below. Find out the truth and the myths of washing your hair every day. Will Washing Your Hair Less Often Make the Hair Healthier Yes. The simple logic behind it is that the fewer times  you touch and manipulate your hair, the lesser the chance of breakage. In the same way that your hands get dry when you regularly or obsessively wash them. The more shampoo that is applied to the hair, the higher the amount of oil is removed, and...

Some Great Benefits of Coffee for Skin Care

Coffee is one of the drinks most favored by millions of people from around the world. Its unique taste and aroma can be irresistible to those who want refreshments from early morning and all throughout the day. But many of them do not know the other benefits that can be found from coffee. Studies revealed that caffeine, which is present in the coffee, contains organic acids, fruit acids, minerals, magnesium, alkaloids, fats and iron that are useful for the skin. It also contains various substances that can make the skin healthier and more beautiful while coffee has linoleic acid, which prevents skin wrinkles. Learn more about the benefits of coffee for skin care. Tightens Facial Skin To help you take good care of the firmness of your skin, wipe it with cotton that was soaked in steeping coffee – as you get from a coffee plunger. Make sure that you...

The Best Fruits and Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Have you noticed that in winter your skin looks dry and dull? Regular use of a good moisture helps, but in order to have skin that glows from within we need to have a healthy diet. Here are some vegetables and fruits that support a radiant natural complexion. Apples An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But not just that, this fruit can also help keep ageing skin at bay. The skin of a freshly picked Apple contain Pectin, a soluble fiber essential in controlling cholesterol, but the flesh is also packed with a surprising amount of Vitamin C, needed to produce collagen in the skin. Not only that but apples contain Vitamin E which fights free radical damages that causes premature ageing of the skin.
Epilator or Electric Shaver

Epilator or Electric Shaver Pros and Cons

Women the world over want smoother, silky skin. Daily hair removal is part of the quest, and often comes down to a choice between an Epilator or Electric Shaver. Of course there are other choices. Most involve some level of discomfort, some, like hot waxing are probably best done in a clinic. There are also creams, laser treatments or the use of electrolysis. But for the daily routine at home, it usually comes down to this: Manual razor, an Epilator or Electric Shaver. Each of these three options has its drawbacks. A manual razor means lathering up the area, and has a risk of cuts or scratches. An Electric Shaver tends to leave a residual stubble,which however fine detracts from the silky finish. Unlike the other two options, an Epilator does not shave the hairs. It will not leave nicks or stubble, but because it pulls the hair out from...
Cardio Workouts without a treadmill

Cardio Workouts Without a Treadmill

We have previously written about the importance of Cardio exercise as part of your beauty regime. We have also looked at the 5 most popular Cardio workouts for women. As each of those were based on exercise equipment (Treadmill, Ellipticals, Rowing Machines etc), we thought we would take a look at Cardio Workouts without a treadmill (or other Gym equipment). Just to recap, as the name suggests, cardio or cardiovascular exercises are geared at increasing your heart rate. Among other benefits, this  increases  the flow of blood and oxygen into the various body organs, including your skin and scalp. This alone improves your skin tone and the quality of your hair. There are various kinds of cardio workouts that you can do. Some of these are generally quite mild while others are more intense. The aim of a cardio workout is to get your body moving, so activities like cycling,...