The Best Fruits and Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Have you observed that in winter season your skin looks dry and dull? But regular use of moisturizers help, in order to achieve a glow from within ? we need to have a healthy diet. These are the vegetables and fruits that offer a radiant natural complexion.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But not just that, this fruit can also surely keep ageing skin at bay. Apple has is abundant in vitamin C which gives your skin an inner radiance and keeps the skin firm. The fruit also helps prevent free radical damages that cause premature ageing of the skin.

To have a glowing skin, take one apple each day. Also, you can apply the juice of the apple onto the face for about 10 minutes and wash with water afterwards.



A carrot is abundant in beta carotene that will be converted to vitamin A by the body. This vegetable is a must-eat in our daily diet. Besides from giving the skin a glow, carrots can also fight wrinkles.

Cook the carrots or add it to your salad. Also, by drinking carrot juice is an effective way in order to boost the beauty.

Pumpkin seeds

By taking a handful of the pumpkin seeds is a sure-fire to brighten the complexion of your skin. The seeds are packed w/ zinc that is essential in the production of new skin cells. The pumpkin seeds can also improve the skin tone, plus oil control production in the skin.

Take a handful of the pumpkin seeds as your evening snacks. You also can add them in sandwiches for extra crunch or garnish curries.



The skin looks dull when you have scars, blackheads and acne. Lemon can keep these at the bay. The lemon contains high level of vitamin C that is necessary for synthesis of collagen.

Squeeze the lemon into the glass with warm water and take it as one of your first drinks in the morning. Additionally, it is also ideal to add a spoon of honey into the mixture. You can also add lemon juice on salads.


Delicious Strawberries

This fruit contains malic acid which makes it natural whitening agent. Strawberry also contains lots of antioxidants that lend the skin a healthier radiance from within.

You can mash the strawberries to make a paste then add honey and yoghurt. Or, simply eat the fruit. You can also apply it onto the face for about 15 minute4s to get a glowing skin.


It is loaded w/ antioxidants that can help reduce onset of facial wrinkles. Spinach can also help strengthen the skin tissues and has anti-inflammatory properties that will flush out the toxin to give a clearer, glowing skin.

You can add spinach to salads, sandwiches or soup dishes. The juice of the spinach is also effective to keep the skin healthy.


The skin requires a boost from within so that it will look glowing and fresh. Tomato is rich with antioxidant that is called lycopene which contains anti-ageing properties. It also acts as a sun screen from within. The pulp of the tomato will also help tighten the pores and can prevent pimples too.

Tomatoes can be added to numerous dishes, raw or puree form. You can also take them as raw and add to salads or sandwiches.

Some Great Benefits of Coffee for Skin Care

Coffee-on-TableCoffee is one of the most favorite drinks of millions of people from various parts of the world. Its unique taste and aroma can be an eye opener to those who want to make refreshments from the morning and all throughout the day. But many of them do not know the other benefits that can be received from coffee.

Studies revealed that caffeine, which is present in the coffee, contains organic acids, fruit acids, minerals, magnesium, alkaloids, fats and iron that are useful for the skin. It also contains various substances that can make the skin healthier and more beautiful while coffee has great amount of linoleic acid that prevents skin wrinkles. Learn more about the benefits of coffee for skin care.

Tightens Facial Skin

To help you take good care of the firmness of your skin, wipe it with cotton that was soaked in steeping coffee – just like what you do when using a coffee plunger. Make sure that you apply the coffee solution evenly to the skin each morning to see better results.

Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Coffee may be a mask that can potentially reduce or even eliminate wrinkles on the face. For better results, use this mask 2 times a week. All you need is to combine coffee and wheat flour (1 tbsp.) until it turns liquid. After that, combine coffee and an egg yolk on the wheat flour dough and have it stirred until smooth and thickened.

Treats Under Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles may be the result of different factors like allergies, genetics, inadequate sleep or dehydration. Even though caffeine could not treat hereditary dark eye circles, the presence of its anti-inflammatory properties reduces inflammation and puffiness that are associated with under eye dark circles. This even reduces the blood accumulation under the eyes which can contribute to darker shadows. There is even a new study by the Cornell University which stated that by drinking coffee might be good for the eyesight. This specifically helps the older people that are experiencing eyesight deterioration. Raw coffee which only contains 1% caffeine and has 7% – 9% chlorogenic acid which is a substance with potent anti-oxidant that can lessen retinal deterioration. Note that the study was conducted on mice and can be found in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The Brew Central 14-Cup is one of the Top Rated Coffee Machines of 2015 so you should consider to have a look at it. But do not forget not to put too much sugar in it for health purposes.

Fights Against Free Radicals

Flawless SkinFree radicals contribute a lot to premature aging of the skin. It then results in appearance of loss of elasticity, sunspots, and wrinkles. The antioxidants that can be found in caffeine attack such free radicals to remove them. As a result, there will be an improved overall skin appearance.

Reduces the Risk of Having Skin Cancer

The recent study conducted at Rutgers University revealed that caffeine can be a good defense against the occurrence of skin cancer. Through moderate intake of coffee (one to 3 cups daily), you provide your own body with an extra protection from sun rays. To achieve maximum protection, you can apply it with SPF every time you plan to go outdoors. Continue reading →

Popular Hair Removal Gadgets for Men and Women

Laser hair removal within part of bikini.People of today are very conscious when it comes to their looks and appearance. Every single detail is being assessed so that they will be more appealing in front of other people. The way an individual take good care of oneself is a thing that should never be forgotten even though they are busy with their everyday lives. Hairs are being removed either for hygiene practice, religious or medical purposes.

Having excessive hairs on the body is a very serious concern for every woman and even men. Women who have been experiencing from this condition tend to have lowered them self confidence and self esteem as well. Due to this condition, lots of women and even men sometimes were ashamed of socializing with other people. There are two common ways on how this problem could be solve but this do not guarantee that the hair will not be having its growth after a couple of days or weeks. Depilation and epilating of hairs, this two is quite different how the process is being done. Depilation is made possible by simply shaving those which are above the skin with the help of creams in order to smoothen the hair while epilating is being done through plucking of the hair including its roots underneath.

Hair removal is not just a practice which is being done as of today. Even during the earlier times, people have been removing hairs on their body when it seems to be undesirable. The early civilization appreciates a body which does not have any hair and they do perceive it as an epitome of beauty. It is not only the people of today who value beauty and put it at the pedestal. As a hygienic practice this was being made easier by making different gadgets. An easier way of hair removal is being promoted by using the IPL and laser hair removal machine, electric shaver, epilator, body hair trimmers and getting the best beard trimmer for men to groom & style facial hairs.

As of today, there are lots of hair removal gadgets which can be found in the commercial market. Every individual should have known which of those gadgets will be more beneficial as they wish to remove the hairs on the desired area where it grows. Continue reading →

What You Should Know About Washing Your Hair

Dry-hairThere are rules that are centered on facilitating laziness that some people might be on board with. One of them is the idea of not washing hair in a regular basis and not even blow-dry it tends to get appealing even more. Some people heard the advantages of ‘no-poo’ lifestyle but they still pursued to provide reservations. This subject has become an issue for some time. Abandoning daily shampoo has been discussed by some experts and the results are indicated below. Find out the truth behind the myths of washing your hair every day.

Will Shampooing Less Often Make the Hair Healthier?

Yes. The simple logic behind it is that the less time you touch and process your hair means that there is less chance of breakage. This is how your hands are getting dried during winter season whenever you thoroughly and obsessively wash them. The more shampoo that is applied on the hair, the higher amount of oil is removed to protect the hair shafts as well as to keep a moisturized and healthy scalp. It is ideal to know how often you need to shampoo your hair.

Another advantage is that hair color lasts longer when you shampoo your hair less often. The minerals in shower water potentially dull blonde and cause brunettes for them to lose their richness, according to hair stylist Kerrie Urban. Continue reading →