Popular Hair Removal options for Men and Women

Laser hair removal within part of bikini.People of today are very conscious about their appearance, and that includes grooming. As we all know, first impressions take only seconds to form, and the people we meet are instantly assessing everything about us.

With this in mind, no matter how busy our lives, we cannot afford to overlook our daily management routines for grooming, hygiene,dressing etc.

One area of concern to both men and women is controlling the location and amount of hair on the body. Having excessive hair on the body has long been a serious concern for women and is becoming more so for men.

Women who have been struggling with this issue experience low self esteem, lower self confidence and tend to withdraw socially.

For women wanting pain and irritation free hair removal we recommend you try the FREE TRIAL of Dermology Hair Removal Cream.

Alternatively, there are two common ways to remove hair, but they do not guarantee that the hair will not return within a few days or weeks.

Depilation and epilating of hairs, are two quite different removal methods. Depilation is basically the process of shaving the hair above the skin, with the aid of creams or gels to make the process as gentle as possible. Epilating is the process of removing the hairs and the roots by plucking.

This battle with body hair is not new. Although different civilizations through time have viewed facial and body hair differently, even very early civilizations are known to have looked at a body without any body hair as the epitome of beauty, so the recent trend towards total removal of hair is not new.

The hygienic removal of hair has been enhanced with the development of appliances specifically for the purpose. Options being promoted today include laser hair removal via  IPL  advanced electric shavers, battery and electrically powered epilators, body hair trimmers and for men by getting the best beard trimmer to shape, and style hairs.

The result is that today there are a wide range of hair removal tools widely available on the commercial markets. We each need to decide which method and product best suits our needs and use it regularly. Continue reading →

7 Day Detox Plan

The skin is the biggest organ of the body, and looks much healthier after a 7 day detox

Living a busy life, in a world full of chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants takes its toll on many of the organs of the body. Having just one organ performing below it’s best is noticeable, but the combined effect on your body of many under performing organs is more debilitating than you might think.

Of course the effects of all these pollutants builds up slowly overtime, and we tend to think the way we are feeling is normal, but its not.

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits you will notice after a detox.
7 day Detox

Overall Benefits

You will notice a number of overall changes, you will notice a general feeling of well being, there will be short term and longer term benefits from having reduced the free radical damage in your body, and you will experience a new sense of “lightness” which comes from exchanging the heavy, often fatty foods you were eating, with fresh healthy alternatives.

The quality and appearance of your hair improves. As you probably know, by the time you see your hair, it is actually dead. The strength and appearance of the hair you see comes from the processes below your scalp. Naturally a toxin free body produces better growth.

A period of Detoxing removes sugars and fats from the diet. These sugars interfere with your brain function, so it is not a surprise that after detox most people claim to have greater clarity, or to think more clearly.

The period of the detox requires that you change existing bad habits around what you eat and drink. The longer the detox, the more likely that you will start to break the addictions to sugar, caffeine, saturated fats etc, and new eating habits have a chance to get established.

Your breathe is directly affected by your digestive system. As your detox cleans that system up, you will likely notice that your breathe gets worse while on the detox, but when you finish it will be significantly better than before the detox started.

As your various organs are cleaned up, they begin to better absorb the healthy nutrients in your food. Those improvements allow the body to build its natural immune system leading to better overall resilience and health.

Improved eating habits, and better functioning organs lead to a better metabolism, which in turn helps to use food more effectively reducing weight gain

The Detox will help remove unwelcome impurities from the body, and you will experience greater energy and vitality.

Which brings us back to your skin.

As the largest organ you have, it’s only natural that your skin will show the benefits of your detox diet. You can expect a clearer, smoother complexion after the detox, but don’t be surprised if you have breakouts during the process as you body gets rid of those toxins.

The Rawfood Institute of Australia has an excellent 7 day detox diet which you can follow. It takes the guess work out of the process for you.

The Best Fruits and Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Have you noticed that in winter your skin looks dry and dull? Regular use of a good moisture helps, but in order to have skin that glows from within we need to have a healthy diet. Here are some vegetables and fruits that support a radiant natural complexion.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But not just that, this fruit can also help keep ageing skin at bay. The skin of a freshly picked Apple contain Pectin, a soluble fiber essential in controlling cholesterol, but the flesh is also packed with a surprising amount of Vitamin C, needed to produce collagen in the skin. Not only that but apples contain Vitamin E which fights free radical damages that causes premature ageing of the skin.

To have glowing skin, eat one fresh apple each day. Also, you can apply the juice of the apple onto the face for about 10 minutes and wash with water afterwards.



A carrot is abundant in beta carotene that will be converted to vitamin A by the body. This vegetable is a must-eat in our daily diet. Besides from giving the skin a glow, carrots can also fight wrinkles.

Cook the carrots, add them to your salad or snack on them raw. Also, drinking carrot juice is an effective way in to boost the beauty routine.

Pumpkin seeds

Taking a handful of the pumpkin seeds is a sure-fire way to brighten the complexion of your skin. The seeds are packed with zinc, which is essential in the production of new skin cells. The pumpkin seeds can also improve the skin tone, and help control oil production in the skin.

Try a handful of the pumpkin seeds as your evening snack. You also can add them into sandwiches, or salads for extra crunch or use them to garnish curries.



The skin does not look at its best with scars, blackheads and acne. Like Oranges, Lemons can help keep these at bay. The lemon contains high levels of vitamin C that is necessary for synthesis of collagen.

Squeeze the lemon into the glass with warm water and take it as one of your first drinks in the morning. If you find it bitter just add a spoonful of honey into the mixture. You can also add lemon juice on salads. Not only great for the Skin, regular intake of lemon juice is great for the liver, and helps promote clear bright looking eyes as well


Delicious Strawberries

This fruit contains malic acid which makes it natural whitening agent. Strawberries also contain lots of antioxidants that fight aging of the skin and help add a radiance from within.

You can crush the strawberries to make a paste then add honey and yoghurt. Or, simply eat the fruit. You can also apply it directly to your face for about 15 minute to get a glowing skin.


Is loaded with antioxidants that can help reduce onset of facial wrinkles. Spinach can also help strengthen the skin tissues and has anti-inflammatory properties that will flush out toxins to give a clearer, glowing skin.

You can add spinach to salads, sandwiches, or with many of the fruits above for a surprisingly sweet morning smoothie.


The skin requires a boost from within so that it will look glowing and fresh. A Tomato is rich with an antioxidant called lycopene which contains anti-ageing properties. It also acts as a sun screen from within. The pulp of the tomato will also help tighten the pores and can prevent pimples too.

Tomatoes can be added to numerous dishes, in a natural or puree form. You can also eat them raw or add to salads or sandwiches.

Some Great Benefits of Coffee for Skin Care

Coffee-on-TableCoffee is one of the drinks most favored by millions of people from around the world. Its unique taste and aroma can be irresistible to those who want refreshments from early morning and all throughout the day. But many of them do not know the other benefits that can be found from coffee.

Studies revealed that caffeine, which is present in the coffee, contains organic acids, fruit acids, minerals, magnesium, alkaloids, fats and iron that are useful for the skin. It also contains various substances that can make the skin healthier and more beautiful while coffee has linoleic acid, which prevents skin wrinkles. Learn more about the benefits of coffee for skin care.

Tightens Facial Skin

To help you take good care of the firmness of your skin, wipe it with cotton that was soaked in steeping coffee – as you get from a coffee plunger. Make sure that you apply the coffee solution evenly to the skin each morning to see the best results.

Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Coffee may be a mask that can potentially reduce or even eliminate wrinkles on the face. For better results, use this mask 2 times a week. All you need is to combine coffee and wheat flour (1 tbsp.) until it turns liquid. After that, combine coffee and an egg yolk on the wheat flour dough and have it stirred until smooth and thick.

Treats Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes may be the result of different factors like allergies, genetics, inadequate sleep or dehydration. Although caffeine cannot treat hereditary issues, the presence of its anti-inflammatory properties reduces the inflammation and puffiness that are associated with under circles under your eyes. This even reduces the blood accumulation under the eyes which can contribute to darker shadows if unchecked. There is even a new study by the Cornell University which stated that drinking coffee might be good for the eyesight. This specifically helps the older people that are experiencing eyesight deterioration. Raw coffee which only contains 1% caffeine and has 7% – 9% chlorogenic acid (a substance with potent anti-oxidants that) can reduce retinal deterioration. Note that the study was conducted on mice and can be found in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. If you are considering brewing fresh coffee for its medicinal value you might consider a brewer like The Brew Central 14-Cup. This is one of the Top Rated Coffee Machines of 2015 so it would be worth considering. But don’t forget taking too much sugar with your coffee offsets many of the gains you might otherwise enjoy.

Fights Against Free Radicals

Flawless SkinFree radicals contribute a lot to premature aging of the skin. It results in a loss of elasticity, sunspots, and wrinkles. The antioxidants that can be found in caffeine attack such free radicals to remove them. As a result, there can be an improved overall skin appearance.

Reduces the Risk of Having Skin Cancer

The recent study conducted at Rutgers University revealed that caffeine can be a good defense against the problem of skin cancer. Through a moderate intake of coffee (one to 3 cups daily), you provide your body with an extra protection from the suns rays. To achieve maximum protection, you should still apply a high SPF sunscreen when going outdoors. Continue reading →

What You Should Know About Washing Your Hair

Dry-hairThere seem to be unspoken rules adopted by people too lazy to properly care for their hair.  One of them is the idea of not washing hair on a regular basis, and for them not blow drying is also appealing.  Abandoning daily shampooing has been debated by experts and the results are outlined  below. Find out the truth and the myths of washing your hair every day.

Will Shampooing Less Often Make the Hair Healthier?

Yes. The simple logic behind it is that the fewer times  you touch and manipulate your hair, the lesser the chance of breakage. In the same way that your hands get dry when you regularly or obsessively wash them. The more shampoo that is applied to the hair, the higher the amount of oil is removed, and unavailable  to protect the hair shafts and keep a moisturized and healthy scalp. It is ideal to know how often you need to shampoo your hair.

Another advantage is that hair color lasts longer when you shampoo your hair less often. The minerals in shower water potentially dull blonde hair and cause brunettes to lose their richness, according to hair stylist Kerrie Urban. Continue reading →